OGA of Western Australia Yacht Register

2019 Yacht Register Update - OGA of WA Yachts.

The following is a list of yachts, with links to their details (click on OGA number), received as at 31 March 2019:

OGA 11Vagabond”

OGA 27 “Chiquita”

OGA 82Wee Birlinn

OGA 83Gryphon”

OGA 85Precious Little

OGA 97 Whimbrel”

OGA 102 “Ripple”

OGA 103 Crazybird”

OGA 104Kailani”

OGA 105 Fala”

OGA 106 “Draggad”

OGA 107 “Cornish Maid”

OGA 108 “Tela”

Access the OGA of WA Yacht Registration Form here.

The current yacht register can be accessed here.

If any information as to the whereabouts and owner(s) of the yachts listed are known, please contact the OGA of WA Boat Registrar with details. Any corrections and/or updates would be gratefully accepted.

Contact: Chris Robinson OGA Boat Registrar rockdoctor46@bigpond.com