19th OGA of Western Australia Swan River Regatta

by OGA of Western Australia

Chris Robinson, OGA President and Jeremy Stockley, Regatta Coordinator

On Sunday 10th April 2016 the OGA of Western Australia held its 19th Swan River Regatta at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club on a morning which opened with very fresh E-ESE winds exceeding 10 knots (and over 20knots forecast for Melville Water), foreshadowing a great day’s racing on the Swan River for 24 yachts.

The start was a handicap start as is usual for our annual regatta and used RFBYC’s Number 2 start line taking the fleet out eastward and upriver before returning to race around Claremont and Mosman Bays to the finish line.  The Results

A Fleet
Fastest                     Roulette               A McMillan
1st Handicap           Kasey                   P Ferry
2nd Handicap          Canobie               O Stacey
3rd Handicap           Hero                     M Jurat

B Fleet
Fastest                     Bicton Belle         B Glazier
1st Handicap           Genevieve            R Argyle                                   
2nd Handicap          Rosen                  C Colvin
3rd Handicap           Hakuna Matata    J Stockley

C Fleet                   
Fastest                     Kailani                  J Bennett                
1st Handicap            Whimbrel             P Kovesi
2nd Handicap          Gryphon               C Robinson
3rd Handicap           Wee Birlinn           J Black

D Fleet*
Fastest                    Bacchante             M Speicher
1st Handicap           Bacchante            M Speicher
2nd Handicap         Anna                     J Wright
3rd Handicap          Wynella                G Stanley

E Fleet**
Fastest                    Solquest               R Kornweibel
1st Handicap           Solquest               R Kornweibel

Note: *  Only three yachts entered.  ** Only one yacht entered.

The handicap start achieved its objective of close finishes in all four contested fleets.  Only 17 seconds separated the leading boats in A and D Fleets, sailing the same course. Even Solquest, the sole E Fleet participant was not alone, finishing just a minute ahead of the leading boats in B and C Fleets, all sailed the same course.  Unfortunately the only Sea Scout entry, from Waylen Bay, found the conditions a bit too challenging and wisely decided not to start.

Thera retired with a suspected crack in her mast, leaving Bacchante (D Fleet) unchallenged as the fastest boat in the Regatta (1:39:02), with Roulette (A Fleet), the fastest gaffer (1:48:03), in second place.

Thanks to RFBYC for their assistance in the race organisation and the use of their facilities before, during and after the races, to the Couta Fleet for scheduling one of their consistency series to be sailed as part of the Regatta and to the H28 visitors from SoPYC for giving Bacchante some competition, albeit with a generous head start.  Lets see more of you next year, along with more classic boats to give Solquest some added competition.

The photographs below were taken by Brian Cain from the start box at RFBYC (great shots Brian).

Further photos and a video are available on the OGA of Western Australia website at http://www.gaffrigsailinginwa.org/2016-oga-regatta

The 2017 OGA Swan River Regatta will be held on the morning 9th April 2017 at RFBYC.

Thera, skippered by John Fitzhardinge, at the start line. (Photo Brian Cain)

Bicton Bell (EF3) and Rosen (RF121) (Photo Brian Cain)

Genevieve skippered by Rory Argyle (Photo Brian Cain)

  Canobie (R97), Bicton Belle (EF3) and Kailani (60) (Photo Brian Cain)

Clockwise from top left: Arriette (G3); Vagabond (C1), Bicton Belle (EF3) and Gryphon (R183); Wee Birlinn (R141) and Araluen. (Photos Brian Cain)